01Send the design drawing to us

The first step, we will base on the design drawings of customers' laser cutting and engraving needs.

02Together come up with the best solution for the product

Design consulting the most suitable materials for your products. We will send a quote for customers to consider the cost of the product

03Proceed to complete the product

If you are satisfied with everything, we will get to work. You will certainly be amazed at our product completion progress.

Service we Services

Services provided

01 Design 3D CAD/CAM

From design concept to product formulation on a computer

02 Outsourcing Laser cutting

Equipped with the latest European technology, ensuring aesthetics and high quality

03 Outsourcing bending, bending, punching, pressing screws

Latest generation CNC bending precision according to customer requirements

04 Outsourcing welding and assembling

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05 Outsourcing Surface treatment

Machining according to available designs or planned to perfect according to customer needs.

06 Outsourcing as required

Based on customer requirements, we execute the most flawless processing.