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Career Mechanic: A stable job in society

When it comes to the work of the mechanical industry, it is often immediately related... Read more

Is the mechanical industry in a lagging trend?

Vietnam’s mechanical engineering industry is tending to fall behind, unable to keep the “home field”... Read more

Mechanical industry “thirst” for labor?

Although it is one of 10 industry groups that has a steady demand for recruiting... Read more

Mechanical industry confirmed its position

Over the past time, the mechanical industry in Khanh Hoa has created certain positions. In... Read more

What is a mechanic? Things to know about the mechanic life

Today’s machines are found everywhere from production lines in companies, businesses to small mechanical factories,... Read more

How to make a breakthrough for Vietnam’s mechanical engineering industry?

To develop the mechanical engineering industry, the Vietnam Supporting Industry Association thinks that there should... Read more

Science and technology: Thrust for the mechanical industry

(VEN) – Science and technology (S&T) is considered an important “kick”, creating a thrust for... Read more

Realizing the “dream” of mechanical export

In the development orientation, the mechanical industry not only aims to meet the domestic market... Read more