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What is a mechanic? Things to know about the mechanic life

Today’s machines are found everywhere from production lines in companies, businesses to small mechanical factories, and households. The mechanics also gradually become indispensable human resources.

So what is a mechanic? What jobs do they do? Are the mechanic’s salaries high? The information in the article will help you answer the above questions.

What is a mechanic?

Mechanic or mechanic is a very important profession in industrial society. They are people who work directly with machine learning. They know how to use tools and spare parts skillfully to install, manufacture, operate machinery or repair, restore, or replace damaged parts on machines.

Currently there are many types of mechanic specializing in specific fields with specific operations such as auto mechanics, bicycle mechanics, motorcycle mechanics, boiler mechanics, industrial maintenance engineering. , air conditioners, refrigeration mechanics, aircraft mechanics, diesel engine mechanics, … There are also mechanics in the fields of electricity, water, engine repair, …

Mechanic is a highly regarded profession in developed countries such as the UK, Germany, America, … However, in Vietnam, the community has not really appreciated the role of a mechanic. Many Vietnamese still envision mechanics as the last choice of young people when entering life because their jobs are often smeared with oil.

What do mechanics do?

Depending on the field of work, each mechanic will undertake specific jobs. But basically, a mechanic’s job will include:

Perform a search and check the parts according to the correct process.
Operate and test equipment and means to find out the parts that are having problems or not working well.
Carry out the maintenance of equipment and machinery such as oil change, check battery, battery, lubricate equipment, …
Proficiently using tools and spare parts to repair and replace damaged spare parts and equipment.
Welding, assembling, and finishing of machinery equipment.
Disassembly and installation of parts, equipment and machines according to customer requirements.
Check, operate, test the vehicles to make sure they are working properly.
Do some other jobs to support the working process such as searching, buying equipment, tools,….

Mechanic level standards

To be able to become a mechanic involved in the assembly, repair, and finishing process of machinery and equipment, it is necessary to meet the following skills and standards:

The most basic skill that a mechanic needs is to read technical drawings because most of the details today are ordered through technical drawings.
Understand different welding techniques, know how to choose welding rod diameters and use welding technologies.
Skilled product machining on lathes and milling machines.
Mastering the labor safety rules when working.
Passionate about the job and have a high ability to endure work.

A mechanic will learn basic knowledge and skills before practicing. Study time will last from 1.5 years – 2 years. During the working process, they will learn and gain more experience from longtime mechanics.

How much is the mechanic’s salary?

Mechanic is one of the professions with the highest recruitment demand today. If you have qualifications or experience, the job application process will be very favorable.

Mechanics looking for jobs can access Good Job Market, common job groups on facebook or go to job agency centers to search for recruitment information.

The positions mechanic can work include: lathes, welders, machine maintenance staff, … at mechanical workshops across the country.

Regarding the salary that the mechanic receives will depend on the workload, experience, professional qualifications, … In industrial zones, the salary of new mechanical workers will fall between 5-7 million / month, skilled mechanic will fall between 8 – 15 million / month and mechanical engineer will be about 15-30 million / month.

It can be said that, although the mechanic’s life is smeared with oil and quite hard, this job is very stable and the salary they receive is completely worth the effort they spend.

Hopefully, through this article, you will understand more about mechanics and mechanics. Young people who love machines can completely pursue mechanical work because the opportunities to work in this profession are very high.