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Career Mechanic: A stable job in society

When it comes to the work of the mechanical industry, it is often immediately related to iron and steel, related to jobs such as turning, milling, planing, welding … It can be considered that mechanical engineering is the industry that applies physical principles to create machines, equipment or useful items. Thus, mechanics is a major industry that creates the material of human labor in the modern world.

Mechanical engineering is understood simply as its name – the industry that makes all kinds of production machines and equipment. When it comes to the level of industrial development of a country, machine building occupies a very important position.

Currently this industry is trained in universities, colleges, intermediate schools, vocational schools. Faculties and institutes are divided by industry: Mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, shipbuilding, with the majors: Mechanical engineering, mechatronics, automatic technology, engineering industry, diesel engines and auxiliary machines, chassis, automobile electrical, mechanization, automotive engineering, thermo-refrigeration engineering, construction machinery, loading and unloading machines, marine machinery, mechanics …

Machine engineering work:

Our country is trying to promote industrialization – modernization to integrate with the world economy after joining WTO. Therefore, the huge demand for machines and equipment makes employment opportunities in the mechanical industry more open than ever. When accumulating a lot of experience, you can advance to higher positions or own your own mechanical facilities and companies.
Machine engineers can work in the positions:

– Designing and drawing up machinery and equipment for production such as: instant noodle maker, confectionery maker, packaging machine, bottling, canning, agricultural harvesting machine,

– Execute or supervise construction and completion of designed production machines and equipment.

– Join the mechanical engineering drawing department, requiring mechanical knowledge, CAD software

– Programming and processing CNC machines

– Participate in the installation of mechanical equipment and machines for factories and projects: Hydropower plants, thermal power plants, cement, shipbuilding …

– Participate in the exploitation of industrial production systems: operation, maintenance, troubleshooting of industrial equipment

– Participate in the design of mechanical products, supervise the manufacturing process of those mechanical equipment

– Participate in product processing: turning, milling, welding, processing materials ….

Work environment:

– Regularly contact with machinery if you work in a production or maintenance position.

– If you specialize in design, you will work in a clean, fully equipped environment: Technical room, project room …

– If you work in a production environment, often you are exposed to machinery, steel, oil, … and even noise.

– With the nature of the job, you often have to work in groups and teams.

Essential qualities for a machine builder

– As a mechanic you need to have passion for the job, with the profession that you have chosen

– Have creative thinking, logical thinking

– In good health